Panzer Corps 2 - the panzer strategy which has been expected by many people!

Panzer Corps has conquered the true love of the fans of turn-based military strategy on the pc. There won’t be the exaggeration to say that the release of this game in 2011 boosted to the rising tide of interest for the whole genre of hexagonal wargames. The WWII battles, demonstrated on the hexagram map, have caught the interest of strategy fans again.

Panzer Strategy: Panzer Corps 2
A new history begins…

Having been born as the ideologic followers of Panzer General, Panzer Corps, it has preserved the classical gaming form with its ideal balance of complexity and accessibility. After the release of the game a lot of supplements in the form of new campaigns and scrips have been created for six years. But the time runs and the fans are eager to see not an ordinary supplement but a meaningful Panzer Corps continuation!

Are you still waiting for Panzer Corps 2 release?

Here it goes, meet:

Panzer Corps 2 continues the development of the famous panzer strategy!

Panzer Strategy: Panzer Corps 2
The game uses Unreal Engine 4

The new Panzer Corps was announced on March 8, 2017. Up to this day the playing community with bated breath was waiting for some information about the future game.  

At last we have something to impress the true Panzer Corps fans!

A new project has been named Panzer Corps 2 and unites the best practices of related panzer strategy. It is the new wargame of a new generation, of course, the most advanced in its genre today.

Panzer Strategy: Panzer Corps 2
You really haven’t seen such battles!

The special aspects of Panzer Corps 2

The Second World War is at the edge of kindling. A new history begins… You really haven’t seen such battles!